Farm-Based Learning & Tours

Want to bring your group to the farm for some farm-based education?

The Youth Farm hosts groups of all types and ages, and can design a tour or workshop on the farm that suits your group’s interests.

Examples of our Farm-Based Learning Tours and Workshops:
  • 5 Senses Tour of the Youth Farm. Explore the Farm and healthy eating through taste!
  • Compost: Fixing a World of Waste! Learn how composting works, see the magic of compost and why it can help solve many environmental problems.
  • Team Building on the Farm. Grow trust, respect and bonding in your group or class through fun activities and games on the farm.
  • Urban Agriculture and Food Justice.  Learn about sustainable agriculture in the city and how it relates to systematic inequalities in access to quality food and health issues.
Youth Farm field trips
Patricia (at) bkfarmyards (dot) com

We are happy to offer a sliding scale based on school type (Title 1, Public and Private) to be able to provide participatory learning opportunities to all.
To have the best experience on the farm, we require groups to provide a number chaperones. 

Farm-Based Learning and Tours Inquiry Form

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