Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DO YOU: Grow food? Make food? Make crafts or body products?

Want to sell at our market?

GARDENERS: You can sell with us whether you have one tomato or 50 pounds of collard greens. No amount is too small!

With the second market season in full swing, we want to offer our customers MORE and give local growers and makers a chance to sell their products.

If you make food products (in a certified kitchen), crafts, or other goods you can rent a booth space at the market. Examples of goods that we encourage include preserves, herbal teas, bread or other baked goods, natural body products, handmade knit or sewn items, etc.

If you are a backyard or community gardener, you can either rent a booth space or drop your produce off to be sold at our "Share Table". Our market staff will sell your produce for you (at whatever price you choose), keep track of your sales, and give you your earnings.

Contact Martha - martha(at)bkfarmyards(dot)com or 401-924-0801 - to sign up or get more information about becoming a vendor. Or stop by during the market (Wednesdays from 2:30 to 6:30)!


This is our bounty - add yours!