Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TEEN POST: Agricultural Ambitions

This blog post was created by teens in the Summer Youth Farm Leaders Program

What part of farm work did you like this first week?

Tatiana: I liked harvesting the kale and seeding the mustard greens.

Shineka: I liked doing work as a team and getting things done.

Daysha: What I liked the most so far is planting seeds.

Jenelle: I enjoyed playing different games and meeting the farming apprentices.

Richard: The things I did to contribute to the farm was help to sow the seeds, volunteer work to tackle a huge mountain of soil for 2 new soil beds and prepping beds. The one thing I particularly liked was to prep the soil beds. I prepped the soil beds by breaking down the soil and flattening the fluffed beds.

What do you look forward to in the coming weeks?

Tatiana: I look forward to seeing my hard work pay off. At the end of the summer I want to see what I accomplished like for example the first day we planted mustard greens and hopefully they will be in full bloom by the end of the summer so I can come the first day of school and show my friends what I planted. ^_^

Shineka: I look forward to see people come and help out with the farm and also the process of the farm. I look forward to learning things about my new friends and opening up with my public speaking skills.

Daysha: I look forward to seeing people come to the farm and buy fresh & healthy produce once again. I worked here last summer & to know I’m helping out my community once again feels like such an achievement.

Jenelle: I’m looking forward to learning new recipes, sharing some of my culture’s recipes and also finishing our crop circle.

Richard: What I am looking forward to this summer is accomplishing more work for the farm. I would love to see the aftermath of the Youth Farm. The new experiences I learn can be used to help the farm in different ways. When I work here, it makes me feel like I’m contributing my whole life into the farm. When I contribute to this farm, it helps provide more organic and healthy produce for the community.