Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Volunteer Needs at the Farm

Want to get involved with the Youth Farm? We have a few volunteer roles we are trying to fill. Please contact us if you are interested, email your available hours to bee (@) bkfarmyards (dot) com

Farmers Market Sales,
Our PTA at the school is selling fruit from an upstate farm at the market and needs some help with sales. The market goes from 2:30 to 6:30 pm. The volunteer will work with the PTA to set up the stand, sell items and clean up.

Event Planning
We are planning a fundraising dinner for Saturday September 24th. We are looking for help for planning and advertising the event, as well as help that day for set up and clean up. We are also looking for someone to help plan some future fundraisers, including a movie night, a night at a bar, and some dinner parties.

We are looking for help with watering our farm on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. We will train you on how we irrigate, and work with you until we both feel you are ready to work independently. Your help on the weekends will allow our staff to take some much needed days off. This is a really fun way to experience the farm. Its very peaceful and quite on the weekends, and is a really great way to learn about farming.

This person will meet with the farm manager to discuss signs that would be helpful to have at the farm. They will then channel their creative side to paint some signs for the farm. the signs will be both interpretive about whats happening at the farm, and simple labels.

Pick Ups,
We are looking for someone with a vehicle to pick up items from Stumptown Coffee and Six Point Brewery in red hook. The pick ups need to be Monday or Wednesday mornings.

This person will be trained on how to do morning or evening chicken chores. They will go to visit the chickens in the morning or evening and make sure they have enough food and water and collect eggs. We are primarily looking for people for weekend morning and evening shifts, though we have a few during the week as well