Thursday, September 13, 2012

Making News Headlines!

We know what we do, and the difference it makes in the lives of our students, trainees, market customers and volunteers. But its always nice to be recognized too!

"High School for Public Service 600 Kingston Ave., Brooklyn
Founded after 9/11, this 420-student school in the old Wingate HS building pairs challenging academics with civic-mindedness. Students till a one-acre farm, growing heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, sorrel, strawberries, herbs, and more. Some 800 pounds of pesticide-free produce is sold at the school’s Farmers Market -- which accepts food stamps. The Go Green class covers biology and health. Students devote up to 1,000 hours in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, tutoring centers. Pupils enter a legal or medical academy. Ninety percent of last year’s grades enrolled in college — including Ivy League."

CLEAN PLATES - Brooklyn’s Youth Farm: Sowing the Seeds of a New $1 Menu
"The Youth Farm programs instill students with greater awareness and respect for the environment and their own bodies: Students learn that water is healthier than Red Bull — and thanks to water jugs on cafeteria tables, they’re drinking more water than before — which foods are filled with corn syrup and how diet relates to diabetes, how orange peels become compost and the importance of recycling. One student, Sean, cut fast food from his diet and then convinced his mother to buy a juicer. Another Go Green participant, Shineka Williams, reports students have also discovered: “Organic food doesn’t taste nasty.”"