Friday, December 28, 2012

2014 Free Community Workshops

Our FREE community workshops cover everything from common sustainable gardening and farming techniques to food justice. Every workshop takes place on a volunteer day - come work on the farm in the morning, then stick around for the free workshop!  

Saturday May 3: 
·         VOLUNTEER DAY, 10-2pm
·         WORKSHOP, 2-3:30pm: STARTING YOUR OWN SEEDS with Assistant Manager Liz Dowd. In this hands-on workshop at the beautiful 1-acre Youth farm, learn how to start your own vegetables or flowers at home using basic supplies. Assistant Manager Liz will walk you through the basics of seed propagation and what's required for healthy seedlings: soil mediums, planting depth, watering, and environment/protection. Rain or shine - we have a giant hoophouse ideal for sowing seeds in spring!

Saturday June 7: 
·         VOLUNTEER DAY, 10-2pm
·         WORKSHOP, 2-3:30pm: BED PREPARATION AND IRRIGATION FOR HEALTHY SOIL with Farm Manager Molly Culver. Growing healthy plants starts with growing healthy soil. In this workshop we'll discuss the basic components of soil and how we can nurture the soil community to work to our garden's advantage. Ever wonder whether your watering techniques have an effect on your soil health? We'll also discuss and practice best watering practices for maintaining healthy soil and happy crops. 

Saturday June 21:  VOLUNTEER DAY, 10-2pm


Saturday August 2: 
·         VOLUNTEER DAY, 10-2pm
·         WORKSHOP, 2-3:30pm: WHAT IS FOOD JUSTICE? with our Farm to School Liaison Patricia Noto and Youth Farm Summer Youth. Description TBD.

Saturday September 6: 
·         VOLUNTEER DAY, 10-2pm 
·         WORKSHOP, 2-3:30pm: COMPOSTING BASICS with Liz Dowd. Turn your waste into black gold! Learn about the different composting techniques and compost systems to suite your lifestyle and boost the fertility of your garden. We'll also review basic concepts for healthy and sustainable soil management in urban environments, to ensure happy and productive crops!

Saturday October 4:
·         VOLUNTEER DAY, 10-2pm
·         WORKSHOP, 2-3:30pm: FALL SOIL AMENDING WITH COVER CROPS with Molly Culver. Growing tons of tasty veggies relies on using sustainable soil fertility practices, and one of the keys to soil healthy in an organic system is cover cropping. In this interactive workshop, we'll discuss the different varieties, optimal sowing times, and practice sowing cover crop seed. This workshop is great for a garden any size - from a 4'x8' bed to a small farm!

Saturday November 1:
·         VOLUNTEER DAY, 10-2pm
·         WORKSHOP, 2-3:30pm: PLANTING GARLIC. Add some spice and fire to your garden palette! In this hands-on workshop you will learn everything-garlic, including how and when to plant garlic for a successful spring harvest, how to dry garlic for year-round enjoyment, and all the medicinal properties of garlic. 

Saturday November 8:

·         FINAL VOLUNTEER DAY, 10-2pm