Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Apply Now to our Urban Farm Training Program!

We are still accepting applications!

Whether you are a teacher looking to increase your gardening skills or an urbanite looking to enter the field of agriculture and food justice, this training will bring your skills to the next level and connect you to further opportunities.


ABOUT THE PROGRAM:  Our program offers adults the chance to experience what it takes to farm and explore a career in organic agriculture through hands-on training on a 1 acre diversified farm. As an apprentice at the Youth Farm you will gain many valuable growing skills necessary for cultivating a wide variety of vegetables and flowers appropriate to our region. Through this intensive 20-hr per week commitment, you will gain the invaluable experience of nurturing crops and soil day to day and gain a sense for the physical and mental energy required to run a small farming operation that produces high quality vegetables, beautiful flowers, and a rich and harmonious community space. As in a rural farm apprenticeship, hands-on farm work is given priority; we balance this with a range of formal workshops and facilitated farm walks to help develop the wide range of skills necessary for farming.

If you have further questions, email molly (at)!