Sunday, September 8, 2013

Meet Two Youth Farmers!


Gayena expressed a love of the outdoors and connecting with nature. 

“I’ve really enjoyed working on the farm this summer because I learned so much.  Physical labor has been refreshing and something new for me.  I don’t really like getting dirty every day, but I got used to it.” Says Gayena of her love for outdoors and connection with nature. 

“I have loved learning more about plants,” shares Davina.  “I hope I get the chance to return next summer and build on the knowledge I’ve acquired this summer.  I want to take this information to a deeper level and learn what’s really going on.”

“I have so much more respect for nature now,” Gayena exclaims.  “I have always loved getting away from the city, but because of the farm, I’ve been content staying local this summer.  Bee and team have really improved our neighborhood and I now respect how hard plants have to work to grow.”

“In the past, I didn’t enjoy being outside a lot, especially when it’s hot,” confides Davina.  “But after this summer, I’m not bothered by the weather so much and I no longer feel the need to complain.  I tend to focus on the beginning and end of a journey which is why I enjoy direct sowing.  I like dirt!  And I like to feel it on my hands.  To see the start of a plant’s life is very exciting to me and then to witness how it grows is spectacular!”

Both Gayena and Davina feel organization is essential to run the farm well.  “Without a daily plan, we would not accomplish anything!  Scheduling time for everything is a challenge because there are so many tasks to do.  I am now more inspired to be calendar-oriented in class; I’ve grown to love daily planners,” states Gayena.  “On a farm, for example, you have to measure out a bed for planting, keep the tool shed in order, and know where your supplies are at all times.  Organization IS a farm,” adds Davina.

Gayena is considering becoming a pediatrician or a psychiatrist.  She recently took a class at Brooklyn College and feels highly motivated to attend college in a couple of years.
 “I believe working on a farm is good for your soul and truly builds character.  For example, when we harvested crops, I only chose the best and what I would prefer to buy myself.  I hope my experience here inspires others to apply next year!”

Davina is passionate about criminal justice and CSI investigations.  “I dream about possibly doing research in a lab; the surprise of the outcome is very exciting to me.  The farm has put me back in touch with all of my senses through cooking, reminded me to have more patience, and taught me to pay greater attention to small details.  Nature is magical!”