Friday, September 6, 2013


The Youth Farm is located at Wingate Campus, 600 Kingston Ave. Brooklyn NY 11203.

For more information about the farm:
1. Use the search form on the top right side of the website to look for your information. Also check out our FAQ section!

2. If that fails, you can contact*:

General Information:                        Info (at) bkFarmyards (dot) com
Press Inquiries:                                Bee (at) bkFarmyards (dot) com
Farmers Market:                              Bee (at) bkFarmyards (dot) com
Field Trips:                                       Patricia (at) bkFarmyards (dot) com
Volunteering:                                      Bee(at) bkFarmyards (dot) com
Purchasing produce:                          Bee(at) bkFarmyards (dot) com
Purchasing flowers:                            Molly (at) bkFarmyards (dot) come
Adult education:                                 Molly (at) bkFarmyards (dot) com
Youth programming:                         Patricia (at) bkFarmyards (dot) com

*Please note that during the growing season we are usually on the farm growing vegetables, running workshops and preparing for our market. It may take up to 2 weeks for us to get back to you. You are always welcome to stop by the farm to talk with us and discuss opportunities. 
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